How do I track my back orders in the supply chain?

As supply chain becomes increasingly globalized and more complex, our users (supply chain planners) find it challenging to efficiently trace issues back through the supply chain when there are back orders. Supply chain visibility needs to be improved.


Back Order Reporting

  • Quickly see key back orders over a given period of time.

Back Order Tracking

  • Efficiently trace materials from origin to finished product, in relation to a specific back order.
  • View on-time performance across supply chain activities and identify problem areas for a given back order.
  • View shipping routes for each transportation activity and correlate on-time performance to factors such as adverse weather conditions.


1. Look at the data source.

Graph of suppliers, manufacturers, distribution centers, customer warehouses, and stores

Performance data for each supply chain activity

Weather data for the shipping route

2. Slice data to gain insights.

Dominant Dimensions

Back order


‍Primary Entities

Supply chain activity KPI

Travel route

Weather condition